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DbGate is part of the Sprinx group, which specializes in the development, sale, implementation, and management of business systems, the development of web solutions and specialized applications, provides hosting and application management services, and is a major supplier of High Performance Computing products.

THe Team behind Dbgate

Maria Foe

Web solutions

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Jack Doe

Hardware solutions

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Kelly Poe


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We are working on
PREMIUM version

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dbgate premium works with
the following databases

Here are all the currently supported databases as well as the databases that will be supported in the near future. If you don't find your desired database here, there's no need to be sad. Just contact us, and we will check the product roadmap to verify if and when it will be available.

The PREMIUM and TEAM PREMIUM versions also include PREMIUM Support, which helps you address your technical needs with a guaranteed response time of 48 hours.


Here is a selection of the main features included in DbGate. Thanks to the development of DbGate Premium, we will continually work on new features and improve the existing ones.

DB Connections

Connect to multiple databases, directly or through SSH tunnel.

Data Editor

Browse or edit data in your tables or views, filter by column value.

SQL Editor and SQL Generator

Edit SQL queries with auto-complete suggestions.

NoSQL Database Support

Connect to MongoDB or Redis, browse or filter JSON document data.

SQL/MongoDB query builder

Visually design query or combine data from SQL or MongoDB databases.

Schema editor and deployer

Edit table schema with keys and indexes. Use database compare tool, deploy your DB models.

Export and Import

Export and import from/to CSV, JSON or Excel. Use JavaScript scripting support.

Web app configuration, authorization

Web app authorization using OAuth or with LDAP/Active directory in TEAM PREMIUM version.


Use custom plugins for import/export formats.

NDJSON viewer

Powerful viewer for NDJSON/JSON lines format


Dark/Light theme, charts, maps. Configurable keyboard shortcuts.


ER diagrams.













Simple and affordable prices

DbGate pricing is straightforward. The PREMIUM version is primarily designed for individual users, while the TEAM PREMIUM version is intended for companies and collaborating developers or administrators. This version also includes a user management tool with LDAP support.


  • 1 user
  • unlimited connections
  • cloud DB´s support
  • community support
  • premium support
  • 0,- EUR / month


  • 2+ Users
  • unlimited connections
  • cloud DB´s support
  • community support
  • premium support
  • 15,- EUR / user / month

With an annual subscription, you automatically get 1 month free.


Are you currently studying or learning SQL or NoSQL databases, or do you plan to start soon?

We are here to assist you by offering a free academic license for the DbGate Team Premium version !

All you need to do is complete the registration below.

Please be aware that the key piece of information for us to approve your request is your valid university email address.

Once we verify your details, we will email you the free academic license. This process typically takes no more than three working days.

We will launch the registration form in September 2024. If you are interested, please use the Get In Touch registration form at the bottom of this page.

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